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Jordan tour packages right now by Think you can’t have a seaside vacation in the hot, dry Middle East? Think again. Aqaba, a beach town on the southern tip of Jordan, treats tourists to holidays on the breathtaking coastline of the Red Sea. Float, swim, snorkel, or dive – you can do it all from Aqaba. You can also get out on the turquoise water on one of the daily cruises offered by local hotels. Enhance your beach vacation in Jordan with a soak in one of the lovely hammams around the resort town. When you’re feeling peckish, dig into the local specialty of Aqaba: sayadieh, a dish of fish on flavorful rice with onion, tomato, and chili pepper. You don’t have to go all the way to Petra to see fantastic archeological sites in Jordan. In fact, the capital Amman (where you’ll probably arrive from abroad) is home to a variety of fascinating ruins, many of which are within short walking distance from one another. Discover extra information at The Best Jordan Adventures.

The Temple of Hercules sits within the historic Citadel on the top of the highest hill in Jordan’s capital Amman, and dates back to the time of the city’s Roman Theatre. Two tall pillars and parts of the podium are all that remain of the temple now, although the site also displays a hand carved from stone. This is thought to be the hand of Hercules from a statue that would have stood over 12m (39ft) tall before it was destroyed, possibly in an earthquake.

Sun-scorched and glowing deep orange and red under the Arabian sun, the breathtaking reaches of the Wadi Rum of southern Jordan are surely one of the most awesome natural wonders in the region. Carved from the rocky limestone escarpments that rise and fall dramatically on the eastern fringes of Aqaba, the famous valley is quintessential Jordanian backcountry. Huge bluffs of rock-ribbed mountains loom on the horizon; mythic petroglyphs from ancient Nabatean peoples hide in the nooks and crannies; camels groan, and climbers swing tenuously from ropes around the hoodoos. It’s hardly a surprise that this was chosen as the backdrop to one Lawrence of Arabia back in 1962!

Prepare to be amazed by Petra. One of the New7Wonders of the World, this attraction has wowed modern-day visitors since the long-lost city’s rediscovery by Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt more than 200 years ago. You’ll need at least two days to hit all the highlights around Petra, which include more than 800 registered sites. But if you have more time, you won’t be disappointed spending it here. Wandering around a city this ancient in such a well-preserved state is an experience like none other. If you thought Petra was incredible during the day, wait until you see it after dark. Reserve tickets to the Petra By Night show to see the Siq and the Treasury lit by more than 1,500 flickering candles. Discover extra info on

Knafeh, like the stone and sand of the city of Amman itself, has a deliciously rich history (and taste). Delirious with calories, this butter-soaked streetside snack presses cheese between syrup-soaked angel hair and then sprinkles it with rosewater and pistachios. Can I let you in on a secret? Those serene photos of people floating, reading newspapers in the Dead Sea don’t tell the whole story! Swimming in the Dead Sea is great fun but it’s anything but serene. The salt levels threaten to flip you over at a moment’s notice like a drunken weevil in an oil slick. But it is good fun. Saltier than a salty sea dog, the Dead Sea is also the lowest point of earth. It reaches between Jordan and Israel and it just so happens to be achingly beautiful.