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High quality macbook laptop repair Mumbai? The best thing I can say about the MacBook Pro M2 is that it easily handled my Prime Day deals workload (which is pretty freakin’ intense) with ease. I was juggling dozens of open tabs in Google Chrome, jumping between lots of Slack messages and editing photos in Photoshop all while uploading files to our CMS. And the MacBook Pro M2 powered through it all with ease. I noticed only one time when the new Pro showed lag, and that was when I had more than 100 tabs open in Chrome across multiple windows. But in general I didn’t notice a step down in performance for everyday tasks versus the MacBook Air 14-inch with M1 Air chip, which is a pretty big compliment.

The MacBook Pro has been redesigned inside and out, and in many ways, it’s an homage to older Macs both with its look and its feature set. The MacBook Pro continues to use the same aluminum unibody design (and come in silver or space gray), but the overall shape of the machine is flatter and less curved at the bottom. There are no radical changes here, and these machines are immediately recognizable as MacBook Pros. There are four feet on the bottom to add a small amount of lift, and the corners have a more curved look than before. Available in 14 and 16-inch sizes, the MacBook Pro features slim bezels at the top and the sides, a notch at the top for the camera, an overhauled keyboard that’s all black, a large trackpad, and additional ports at the left and right sides. There continues to be a large Force Touch trackpad, and there are two speaker grilles at the sides of the keyboard.

Basically, size matters. The 16-inch is a hefty laptop, whereas the 14-inch model is noticeably smaller, which makes it easier to carry around. Also, it just feels more impressive to have that kind of power in a smaller laptop. The 14-inch MacBook Pro still comes with a large range of ports, reversing an annoying trend that Apple, and some other laptop makers, had of only putting a few USB-C ports in a device and calling it a day. The 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro drew some inspiration from older MacBook models in terms of design. It might look thick in the middle, but it tapers off with slimmer corners, similar to the 2016 MacBook Pro. See additional info at

The M2 MacBook Pro was released with Apple’s brand new processor series, but several older components, which has helped to bring its price down significantly to a starting price of $1299. The M2 MacBook Pro also has fewer upgrade options than its older counterpart. The M2 MacBook Pro and 14-inch MacBook Pro are both unique products of their environment. The development of the M2 MacBook Pro was likely affected by the ongoing supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic. After an external redesign on the previous model, it seems like the current laptop is being used to showcase its latest M2 chip in a Pro form factor rather than adding or updating features overall.

Thanks to the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, the MacBook Pro models feature much improved battery life. The 14-inch MacBook Pro lasts for up to 17 hours when watching movies and up to 11 hours when browsing the web. The 16-inch MacBook Pro lasts for up to 21 hours when watching movies and 14 hours when browsing the web. Other features include WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 support, plus there’s a six-speaker sound system with two tweeters, four force-cancelling woofers and wide stereo sound. The 14-inch MacBook Pro is priced starting at $1,999, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro is priced starting at $2,499.

This latest MacBook Air looks distinctly different, and not just because of the wider color selection, which includes silver, starlight (sort of a champagne gold), space gray (dark gray), and midnight (a cross between navy blue and dark gray). Instead of the familiar wedge shape the product line has sported since Steve Jobs took the original incarnation out of a brown envelope during its 2008 debut presentation, the Air is now one uniform, rectangular slab. If you’ve seen the latest MacBook Pro, you’ll know what to expect. While I’m going to miss the old reliable wedge, it’s fair to say the design was beginning to feel a little dated, especially when placed next to that new MacBook Pro.

The difference between the “Pro” and “Max” designation comes down to GPU performance. The M1 Pro features a 16-core GPU, while the M1 Max features a 32-core GPU, with a 24-core GPU also available as a middle-tier upgrade option. The M1 Pro also supports up to 32GB unified memory, while the M1 Max supports up to 64GB unified memory. According to Apple, The CPU in the M1 Pro and Pro Max is up to 70 percent faster than the CPU in the M1. The GPU in the M1 Pro is up to 2x faster than the M1 and the GPU in the M1 Max is up to 4x faster than the M1. M1 Pro and Pro Max use a system-on-a-chip architecture like the M1, and the M1 Pro supports up to 200GB/s memory bandwidth and the M1 Max supports up to 400GB/s memory bandwidth. See more information at

The older MacBook Pro 14 is the heavier of the two devices, partly thanks to its larger internal battery, as well as its larger internal cooling system, and display. Externally, the 14-inch MacBook Pro includes three vents on its bottom, on the sides, and rear, while the M2 has only one on the bottom rear. Internally, the cooling system on the M2 MacBook Pro is comprised of a single fan, while the system on the 14-inch includes two larger fans plus two heat sinks and heat pipes.