Inventory management application today

Best inventory application builder 2022? GEAR is a Google Sheets based inventory app builder that works with Barcode scanning on iOS, Android and desktop. GEAR NBS helps you to build an inventory application for things like physical goods, parts or even real estates. Just like a Google Form, it helps you to create a form with fields specifically designed for asset management purposes. Once this is done, the Google Sheet is then connected as your database! Enter all inventory details effortlessly, whether you’re at the warehouse or on the go. Read extra information at inventory management for google sheets. With the gear NBS mobile app, you can manage your inventory no matter where you are. You can switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly.

GEAR allows users to scan and automatically log a variety of barcodes including EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, UPC, 2D Codes and QR Codes using iPhones or Androids. GEAR is a Google Sheets based Mobile Barcode Scanner, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Custom design your mobile inventory management application with dynamic form fields. Scanned codes, timestamps, item name, change status, locations and all other data are instantly inputted and updated onto your centralized Google Spreadsheet upon mobile scanning. Updating data on an existing barcode scan is possible by re-capturing the code and modifying information from your mobile device.

The sheet you design will function as a fill-out form with input fields each time an equipment device’s barcode / serial number is scanned. The exact fields created for the form will also be the columns in your Google Spreadsheet. This Google Spreadsheet that stores all information is auto-generated in your Google Drive when you press [Complete and Save] for your designed form. Once you have finished your form design you can preview your custom form by clicking [Preview Form].

The barcode app with Google Sheet is a powerful combination in terms of inventory management. It works with any iOS and Android based smartphone and you don’t need to reinvest on heavy gadgets if you’re doing inventory management. Significantly, this is a less expensive way of managing data and having a barcode that keeps track of all your items. A Google Sheets based barcode scanning application give you the flexibility unlike doing inventory work in Microsoft Excel. With the GEAR Barcode Scanner, you have quick access to Google Sheets wherein you can import and export information. This allows you to have a collaborative workflow with all the information stored and secured.

How to use the GEAR NBS with a portable barcode reader for smartphones? If you have a wireless portable barcode reader or handheld scanner for your iPhone or Android, you still can use the app. Here’s how: Install the NBS 2.0 scan app on your smartphone before attempting to use the app with your wireless ios or android barcode scanner. You can then launch the app using a mobile browser, such as safari on an iOS device or chrome on an Android device. GEAR stands for Global, Efficient Access to Real-time Data. This app provides an access point to all the information one needs in order to succeed as a business owner or entrepreneur. It is designed with safety and ease of use at its core which means that it can be accessed from anywhere. Read additional details at