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Premium solicitors firm London 2022? Kush Birdi is the Founder of Birdi & Co Solicitors. He has a breadth of experience in a range of practice areas, and recently decided to pursue his long-standing intention by setting up the firm. Kush has built strong client and referral relationships over a number of years and is well known for his first-class service, personable character and commercially-minded approach. Find even more information at law firm. We put our clients at the centre of our thinking. It is our mission to create an effortless experience and, in return, we hope to create clients for life.

Whatever the circumstances, we have extensive knowledge of the legal process involved in Management Buy-Out and Buy-In transactions and will provide specialist advice to you which is suitable to your particular circumstances. Our unique selling point is that we understand what clients want from their lawyers. We will manage your transaction proactively, with careful attention to detail while never losing sight of the bigger picture. While working with us you will have access to our strong network of other professionals such as accountants, independent financial advisers and bankers.

We can guide you through matters including : Advising on the best way to structure your transaction from a legal perspective. We will work with your other advisors, such as accountants, to ensure that the deal structure works from other perspectives (such as tax). Drafting the necessary specialist legal documentation and ensuring you are receiving specialist advice in a cost-efficient way. Project managing your transaction, to make sure that all relevant tasks are completed properly and allowing you to focus on day-to-day business matters in the knowledge that your advisers are protecting your interests. Find additional information on

A key advantage of speaking to a specialist firm of solicitors, such as Birdi & Co Solicitors, is that we understand how fundraising transactions are supposed to be structured and we can offer guidance as to your options and the most effective way to structure your offering. In particular, we are aware of the legal issues that will be considered by your investors which enables us to address any gaps or concerns well in advance of presenting to your investors. The expertise we can bring to your company is invaluable.

Settlement of Disputes Solicitors in London and Essex: Disputes arise in all areas of life and in business; some are unnecessary, and others are unavoidable. Although we will fight our client’s corner with rigour where that is the appropriate strategy, we strongly believe that going to court is an option of last resort and that, in most cases, every attempt should be made to try to settle the dispute by way of negotiation or other form of alternative dispute resolution.