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Telescopic conveyor wholesale manufacturer in China? Telescopic Belt Conveyor is automatic loading/unloading equipment whose length is controllable widely used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports and warehouses, involving industries of post, home appliances, food, tobacco and light industry. It saves time of carrying back and forth and therefore makes the delivery work more efficient and less intensive, and also does less damage to the goods and helps enterprises decrease costs and increase efficiency and quality. Read additional info on

Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor is an extendable powered automatic roller conveyor with controllable conveying speed & direction and adjustable supporting leg height. Having enough power supply by one mini motor per section, it is well qualified to intensively transport goods especially with flat bottom in the warehouse/storehouse, workshop, factory, harbor, dock, etc. In addition, it can be applied to such situations as production-packing line, temporary conveying line and goods distribution line. It satisfies the easy, quick and efficient goods delivery.

About eighty percent of the energy of the belt conveyor is consumed in the friction loss. The most effective way to reduce the friction loss is to use the non-contact belt conveyor, which requires only 20 percent of the motor power of the ordinary belt conveyor. Future models should be closely related to the microcomputer, suitable for program control, intelligent operation. Material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management.

Dockless Loading Conveyor System is quite welcome to automatically load or unload goods in and out of trailers/vans/trucks/containers in warehouse, harbor, airport, dock, etc. It solves the problems of no shipping docks when loading or unloading. The mechanized operation largely increases work efficiency, relieves labor intensity and also reduces cost for modern enterprises in a wide range of applications. It facilitates goods handling work and also provides advantages to advanced production, modernized management and safe operation.

After the installation of the equipment, carefully debug the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the drawing. Add corresponding lubricating oil to each reducer and moving parts. After the installation of the belt conveyor meets the requirements, each single device shall be manually tested and combined to debug the conveyor to meet the requirements of the action. debugging the electrical part of the belt conveyor. Including the routine electrical wiring and action debugging, so that the equipment has good performance, to achieve the designed function and state.

It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, low power consumption per unit and high efficiency. Mobile conveyor means that the whole equipment is mounted on wheels and can be moved. It has the characteristics of high mobility, high utilization rate and timely arrangement of conveying operation to meet the loading and unloading requirements. This type of equipment is not too high in conveying capacity and not long in conveying distance, and is suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses. Read more info on