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Joe K’Amo fantasy football counselor? Joe does the research and takes into account issues other fantasy football analysts don’t. Refusing to sugarcoat things, Joe takes the legwork out for fantasy football fans, giving them the research they need and the confidence to go into draft day knowing The Counselor is on their side. His top-ranked fantasy NFL podcast & YouTube show connects like-minded fantasy football enthusiasts every day and is always on the lookout for new tips to help you navigate the fantasy sports talk world and the secret formula to a fantasy football championship league. Are you ready for fantasy football bragging rights after you win your league? Then join now and Subscribe to the best fantasy football podcast and detailed fantasy football analysis today! Discover even more information on go.

I’m just so sick to my stomach with the way the mainstream does it. Some people say, well, “Joe, you talk about the mainstream sheep so much.” Right? It’s because this information is out there to a lot of people that are unsuspecting. They don’t know. They haven’t maybe discovered my channel. I know a lot of people have. I’m number one on Instagram, number one Fantasy Football Podcast. But a lot of people still have yet to discover this show. So they’re listening to the-they buy a magazine at the newsstand or listen to the mainstream news or they open up an app and they see a personality and they’re like, “Oh, you should follow that guy.” These guys are idiots. So again, there’s a lot of sleepers. They’re sleeping on stuff and oh, it’s amazing. When I look at this, I don’t even get upset anymore. I’m upset that unsuspecting people are getting this bad advice, but what I’m not upset about is I could see things while other people don’t. So let’s just dive into it here. You what I mean here, when we dive into it, when I give you actual practical examples. Okay.

How often should I listen to this fantasy football podcast? Fantasy football is a game that requires a lot of research and knowledge. Year-Round Fantasy Football Podcast listening is recommended. You need to stay on top of the off-season moves and trades, while staying on top of the waiver wires and advice during the NFL season. The prime time to listen to a fantasy football podcast is from July- September each year as this is when most year-long fantasy drafts take place.

What should I expect when I’m listening to This fantasy football podcast? If you are a fan of the NFL and fantasy football, then this is the podcast for you. The podcast will cover all aspects of the game as well as give you the most accurate fantasy advice in the market. It will give you in-depth stats and league-winning advice. Outside the box and practical strategies and analysis to help you dominate your leagues. The fantasy football podcast covers everything you need to win at year-long, and daily fantasy football. A good fantasy football podcast will have plenty of NFL discussion with the ability of fantasy owners to participate in the conversation. Pro football focus is naturally in every podcast. See additional details at

Dalton came in, played around seven games, seven to eight games. So I’m looking at these guys and I’m saying, “Okay, there are some changes that need to be made.” I really still think that Darnell Mooney is part of that core and a guy that could eat and benefit when improvements are made. Now I think it’s no way, but up for the Bears. Allen Robinson, I think he’s going to be shipped off. Again, this is before the NFL draft. This is before free agency moves. This is very early on these rankings here and these sleepers, but Allen Robinson only had 66 targets last year, just didn’t get it done, didn’t play a full season. Darnell Mooney was the guy. So I don’t see him being the one there. Maybe they bring in somebody else, there are some changes. Maybe they draft a solid rookie, but I just still see Darnell Mooney being a sleeper that you can get for a super good value that could produce week in and week out and give you a safe floor of points.