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Affordable but high quality virtual assistant services online with IndiaVirtualAssistant? Our professionally trained VAs can screen the leads, make calls to enquire about the prospects current requirement and schedule appointments with your sales team. Apart from appointment setting for sales, we also do appointment scheduling for clinics, dentists, lawyers, accountants, medical practitioners, etc. Outsourcing appointment scheduling to our virtual assistants will not only save you tons of money but also boost the productivity of your sales team. Our Virtual Assistants can work 24×7 and cover any time zone. We have VOIP phone numbers from all major countries to make calls anywhere. Our VAs can provide you the following services in the area of appointment setting: Scheduling customer / prospect meetings. Scheduling of the employee discussions. Confirmation/scheduling of the meeting through e-mails. Updating the calendar with all the required meetings. Planning of participation in various business fairs and exhibitions. Planning of any meal meetings with the clients. Scheduling meetings with overseas clients.

Your virtual assistant works from our modern office in Delhi, India & is provided with fast computers, high speed internet, phones & ergonomic furniture along with complimentary refreshments & other benefits. Virtual phone numbers and calls are also available for clients. We’ll provide your virtual assistant with latest business technologies and tools they need to provide quality service. We strictly enforce the best practices of data security as per ISO 27001 to ensure that your data and processes remain secure at all times. With a well-rounded virtual personal assistant, you can operate your business 24/7 in a multi-shift environment to get more done faster. The biggest benefit of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Outsource your non-core tasks to India Virtual Assistant Company to drastically reduce your manpower costs. Discover extra info on Virtual Assistant Cost.

Do you spend a lot of time doing internet research for gather information on competitors, customers, prospects, industry trends or building a marketing database etc.? Do you think you can outsource this to someone but yet do not want to hire an expensive full time resource? Well, we at India Virtual Assistant have the perfect solution for you. Deploy a dedicated virtual assistant to help you with all types of online research and pay only for the amount of time you need with our flexible VA plans. Our virtual assistants read, write and speak fluent English and are experience in data mining from the internet using various online research tools.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Outsource your non-core tasks to India Virtual Assistant Company to drastically reduce your manpower costs. Outsource non-core tasks which unnecessarily keeps you & your teams busy to virtual assistants in India. Do the stuff which matters most and leave the rest to us. Easily scale the size and composition of your remote assistant team to suit your immediate business requirement. With a virtual assistant in India you are able to operate your business around the clock. Our virtual assistants work 24/7 and on holidays too. We screen and hire virtual assistants with the exact skill sets that you need and relevant experience. Hiring a virtual assistant from India gives you access to talent at a 50% or lesser cost than your home country. See more details on