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How to answer questions about your career goals? Start by doing some fact finding about the organisation. Look at what the organisation does, across all departments, and look at their defined goals and objectives. Then consider what your personal career goals are. Try to break down your career goals into short, medium and long term goals. Short term goals should be more specific and long term goals should be broader and less defined. Look at the two lists together and consider how your goals align with the company’s goals. This makes for a winning solution for both you and the employer. Look at various different factors. For example, consider what your ideal working week looks like. Do you favour hybrid working since the pandemic, if so is this offered by the company? Consider the size of the company and look at LinkedIn to see what other job roles exist within the company and shape your longer term goals around realistic career opportunities within the business.

Choosing to temp in London longer term: I’ve considered permanent placements from time to time, but for now, I’m happy building my career as a temp. I love temping in London. I’ve used the flexibility to benefit a good work-life balance but at the same time I feel that I’ve gained more experience in less time. Temps in office support remain in high demand in London, and so for now, that’s what I’m doing! Pretty much every office-based job description calls for digital skills. Yet most people don’t have the digital skills needed by businesses in the current world of work. 52% of people are lacking the digital skills needed in the workplace. This is a big problem for employers. But it does mean that those people who recognise this and take steps to develop their digital skills, are highly attractive to businesses and likely to excel in their chosen area.

Start with collaboration tools: Since the pandemic, collaboration and communication tools are the obvious place to start. From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, work through free online tutorials and use these platforms to do practice runs with friends and family. From here, move onto different skills according to priority. Remember to keep an open mind and use a growth mindset, so that you can develop the skills you need. Keep coming back to your plan and revisit it. Many employers are aware that candidates lack the digital skills they need. As such, many are willing to develop the needed skills in-house, if you show an ability to learn and develop. Don’t shy away from developing digital skills – they are exactly what will make you stand out at the best candidate.

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