Awesome Mediterranean yacht cruises locations and yacht sailing tips 2021 by IntersailClub

Beautiful Mediterranean yachting locations and boat sailing tips in 2021 by Providing fantastic sailing conditions and a comprehensive infrastructure, the Balearic Islands are an almost year-round yachting destination. With few strong currents and a minimal tidal influence of just 10cm, the changes in water level only occur with certain wind directions from the Scirocco … Read more

Fabulous Mediterranean yacht cruises destinations and yacht sailing tips today with IntersailClub

Fabulous Mediterranean yacht sailing destinations today? Reliably breezy, Sardinia is an Italian sailing yacht haven. With a pleasant six-month summer period where it is hot and dry from May to October, Sardinia’s location in the centre of the Mediterranean means the moderate winds are consistent. Mild off-season months offer a good deal of sunshine with … Read more

Best places to visit in Punta Cana 2021

Punta Cana travel attractions with Taylan Evrenler? Bávaro Adventure Park was created in 2011 when a group of friends and partners in the Dominican hotel industry realized that there were not many adventurous and entertaining activities offered for tourists. They wanted to create something different, exciting, and eco-friendly at the same time. Each attraction they … Read more

Amazing Ibiza and Formentera yachting places and boat sailing tips today with IntersailClub

Awesome Ibiza yachting destinations and boat sailing news 2021 by Croatia is a firm favourite European destination for anyone looking for a sailing holiday. This country consists of many picture-perfect islands, historic towns, and wonderful local culture. Croatia is full of natural beauty and is an easily accessible country for sailing around. Some of … Read more

Awesome Greece yachting places in 2021

Amazing Mediterranean yachting locations today? Scattered across the Mediterranean, the islands of Greece are ideal for exploring by boat. Set course for the Cyclades, where gems like Santorini and Mykonos are as alluring as ever. If you’ve only got one day to spend in Santorini, we recommend a trip to Akrotiri for a look at … Read more

Reisreizen en vakantie gratis reisgidsen door DelaatTravel

Reizen attracties en vakantie gratis reisgidsen door Stonehenge, een archeologisch wonder, een UNESCO-werelderfgoed en een van ‘s werelds meest raadselachtige toeristische attracties, trekt jaarlijks 1,3 miljoen bezoekers. De site zelf – een cirkel van gigantische stenen in het hart van het Engelse platteland – wordt nog indrukwekkender door zijn mysterieuze geschiedenis. Hoewel het oorspronkelijke … Read more

World’s beautiful yacht sailing destinations

Europe’s excellent yacht sailing destinations? Sailing around Europe: It’s safe to say, with its hugely diverse cultures and highly varied geography, that sailing around Europe is on innumerable bucket lists. The Greek islands will strike a chord with many, as each set of islands offer charterers something wholly unique. The Ionian on Greece’s west coast … Read more