Premium professional indemnity policy recommendations for doctors

Premium retirement planning guides for medical professionals? Dr Good Money is a Doctor who is Good with Money. The Idea of Dr Good Money came with the experience of the Financial Challenges doctors got exposed to during Covid times. It was a general opinion that Doctors profession is stable and recession proof, which till now was considered to be true, and to some extent it actually is. But, OPDs were shut, Surgeries are being delayed, and patients also prefer tele calling with Doctors as visiting hospitals may expose them to more risk, that showed doctors Income may also be in distress in some situations.

We will Help you in Proper execution of the Financial Plan to put you into a Financial Discipline, and to keep your behavior biases at bay. Don’t Worry. We will help you Organize in your Money Matters and Manage the Financials Responsibly for you. We Serve Doctors at all Life stages. The Major benefits is the Peace of Mind and the feeling of Wellness that now your finances are being taken care of Responsibly for your benefit. You will enjoy the process and be always sure that the right quantum of money be available with you as and when required.

Your patients trust you with their health, our clients trust us with their finances. Just like you, we take a comprehensive approach to providing care. Throughout the financial planning process, we will take everything into account to identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Working together in an ongoing relationship will allow us to be an accountability partner for you. It will ensure that you receive continual care, and that the informed decisions you make will get implemented and updated when necessary. But Do Understand that Just like Physical Wellness can’t be Improved overnight, same way Financial wellness needs time.

Being into medical profession, I hardly find enough time to manage my investments, insurances and other financials. I tried myself and then many so called professionals’ services from brokers to bankers, but to no avail as everyone was chasing his/her own job targets. My hard-earned money was getting wasted in helping people earn promotions. The financial sector has become so complex that it’s very difficult to understand the technicalities in detail. In such a scenario, you have to depend on someone who can help you in an honest and sincere manner and that too in your interest. I came in contact with Mr. Manikaran Singal in 2008 and I am quite happy with his advice and professional acumen. Find extra info on retirement planning for doctors.

What about the existing Investments?Will you take care of that too? Yes Definitely. First we have to review those investments and see if they are still a good fit as per your financial Plan. Then weed out the Unsuitable ones. We may like to shift the investments under our management by switching them to the lower cost versions where ever possible. What If I want to disengage with you in future? How easy is that process? Its Very Simple actually. You just have to tell us a Month in advance. Since the Invested products would be in your name and direct control, you may create your own logins on different websites and start managing your money on your own.

With the stable profession and Recession proof Income, you are exposed to many sellers and less advisors. You are sold with Credit Cards, Different Types of easy Loans with less documentation. You become the preferred choice of Real Estate Brokers. Slowly you find that with money going into all the debts, your Financial Wellness is getting Compromised. Due to time constraints, You are exposed to many MIS sellers. You have a lot of insurance policies but still, are under insured. You may have a lot of mutual funds with no targeted goals. You may also have invested in PMS with no understanding of how it actually works. You oblige everyone from bankers, friends, to relatives, and end up with a skewed portfolio with no clear cut structure and direction. Discover more info at