PartyNextDoor and Crave Moore partnership imminent?

Crave Moore and PartyNextDoor collaboration looming? Crave Moore was seen with PartyNextDoor so several rumours regarding a joint effort between the two started to surface, with Atlantic being the most likely record label to be involved.

Crave Moore on hip hop artist fashion trends in 2022: And while many of the basics are present, new fashion hip hop trends are already present or announced for the upcoming 2022. Many contemporary hip-hop performers and artists lead the trends. From oversized pants with huge pockets and military elements to neon-bright colors and tons of accessories – we will be seeing all of this in the upcoming year. But to put in a context, there are a few trends that will be big throughout 2022.

There are always complaints about rappers using backing tracks or not in live shows, and it’s certainly a fair thing to be bothered by. The thing is, there have been great shows where artists rhymed over a track with their vocals on it, just as there have been subpar ones without a backing track. It becomes a personal preference thing, and while rapping live with no backing track is more difficult, it shouldn’t be seen as an indictment on an artist’s talent when they don’t do it. At the end of the day, was the show great or did it stink? Backing tracks are just part of a show. The entire presentation and actual performance of the rapper are more vital.

Trap and cloud rap quickly became popular after their release. When you look back at the styles of hip-hop that have caught the attention of listeners, they are all quite similar. Trap and cloud rap were two new genres that didn’t bring anything new to hip-hop culture because there was no real uniqueness attached to them. In this way, the pressure of these two genres was increased. TikTok has become extremely popular of late, but it doesn’t mean album sales are dead. Demand for physical media is still growing. For example, vinyl sales rose 94% this year. Despite this, independent labels have been holding back on releasing vinyl because larger companies have started queuing up at factories for the production content.

While songs have absolutely been made solely to catch on TikTok, every rap track that blows up through there isn’t engineered that way. Sometimes, a song is just really good, and has a catchy section that speaks to people or grows far and wide through paid promotion. TikTok is a big part of modern rap, and its fans simply need to see if for that it is: another vehicle for a track to take off. “TikTok songs” falls into the derogatory term category, but a song shouldn’t be downgraded just because it took off on this app.