HVAC diffuser manufacturer and supplier 2022

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A clean room with a compact design must be used because its height is limited by the height of civil engineering. Aluminum alloy air supply outlet characteristics of some local purification equipment The aluminum alloy air supply outlet has an adherent (horizontal) airflow, and its structure is a multi-layer cone. As the indoor-induced air flow is greater than the exhaust air volume, the blowing air flow decelerates rapidly. Therefore, relatively large air volume can be supplied for any size area and the size of the diffusion radius changes within the given air volume range.

When we need to buy or change a new air terminal unit, we are facing differences in the name of the air terminal unit: air diffuser and air grille HVAC. So what’s the difference between them? Do they look the same? Okay, let’s get started now! HAVC diffuser is normally made of aluminum or plastic(pp or ABS) around the world. Some special markets prefer metal HVAC diffusers, like the US market. The function of an HVAC diffuser is to supply air and return air in buildings or houses. The HAVC diffuser’s core is removable in most models and its maximum flow area is not higher than 4 meters. The HVAC grille is normally made of aluminum or plastic(ABS) for the most market. Even US market, most of them are made of aluminum as well. Its function is mainly to return air instead of supply air. Its airflow is usually less than the air diffuser.

What is a damper? The damper is also known as a volume-directing damper. It is a movable plate fit to the air vent diffuser and grilles to control airflow volume and direction or installed in the ductwork to cut or regulate airflow to specific areas. Dampers are often used in ventilation ducts to create different airflow zones in a building. A good quality damper also helps in maintaining the desired level of humidity and temperature throughout the area.

The HVAC diffusers shall be customized according to the opening size. In order to facilitate installation, the actual inner diameter (length and width) of the HVAC diffusers will be slightly less than the net opening size by 0.5-1.0 cm. Louver HVAC diffusers are widely used as air supply outlets in air conditioning systems. According to the use requirements, aluminum air volume regulating valves (miter gates) can be equipped behind the HVAC diffusers. Find extra info on chinaventech.com.