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Excellent seo marketing software? There are seemingly endless WordPress SEO plugins out there, all promising to boost the visibility of your content. Two at the top of the recommendations list are Yoast SEO and Rank Math. Yoast SEO has remained at the top of the class pretty much since the creation of WordPress, but a new challenger, Rank Math, might just topple its crown. Both popular plugins have something to offer those looking to boost their SEO. Here’s a review of what both products have to offer those looking to improve their search engine optimization. See even more details at is rank math better than yoast. Lasso is a link cloaking plugin for WordPress, which is different from Pretty link or Thirsty Affiliates. This plugin adds a beautiful-looking affiliate info box (shown below) to make your list post or comparison post stand out. Similar affiliate info boxes are used on many popular affiliate content websites to increase the CTR. This is a SaaS-based tool and a powerful one that could skyrocket your affiliate links CTR and conversions if done right. Moreover, these affiliate info boxes can be customized as per your brand design.

Overall, both tools offer similar suggestions. However, Rank Math gives you a numeric rating for your keyword optimization efforts, where a score above 80 is the most optimal. The Yoast SEO assessment is less specific, showing you an orange light when your content needs improvement or red when it’s unacceptable. Additionally, the placement in the sidebar is much more convenient when editing the post. For these reasons, we think Rank Math gets a slight edge in this category. Content and keyword optimization go hand in hand. However, Yoast SEO gives you a readability analysis and helps you write better posts, further boosting your SEO efforts.

With the aim to “teach everything they know,” the founders of ConvertKit work for the benefit of the creator community and the larger benefit of the tech industry. They believe that the future belongs to content creators and hence, offer an easy-to-use platform with powerful automation. I especially like the various landing page templates offered by the affiliate marketing software as it helps beginners create a brand image. While the landing pages provided with the free plan are not as powerful, they cover the basic features, enough for new creators and businesses. Find more info at

Formerly known as GrowSumo, PartnerStack enables companies to leverage affiliate partnerships in order to grow revenue, increase distribution, and go to market more efficiently. Some of our best affiliate partners use PartnerStack. It’s just as good as Impact, but tends to be geared a bit more to SaaS (software) businesses. Who should use PartnerStack? PartnerStack is great for companies who want the ability to manage all of their affiliate marketing channel programs with a single dashboard. The software features a full-suite of marketing, affiliate, and referral solutions with real-time reporting and payouts. PartnerStack users include Unbounce, Instapage and Leadpages as well as, CallRail and Vimeo.

Affiliate tracking software is designed to track the referral, endorsement, or recommendation made by one individual or company to purchase goods or services from another person or company. Tracking is important to monitor and reward or pay participants in an affiliate marketing group of participants or affiliate networks. The original idea is based on Affiliate Marketing. Participants who consent to be promoted or promoted are referred to as “affiliates.” Those who sell and recommend are called “marketers,” and those who have the advertised goods or services are called “advertisers.”