Advices for extra TikTok followers in 2021

Excellent TikTok marketing tips? In our digital, screen-based age, we can sometimes forget about the power of a personal connection. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to try to respond to your fans’ posts, comments, and likes as much as possible. Letting them know that there is a real person behind the brand can really make a huge difference in terms of their loyalty and the likelihood that they’ll tell others about you. People are likely to follow those accounts that show their face. After all, TikTok is built on the idea that it creates an authentic way for people to connect with each other what’s more authentic than acknowledging a fan, showing gratitude for their post or comment, and spreading the love!

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When asked about his goals as an influencer, Michael Le said: “I want to just become a mogul where anything I touch just turns to gold.” Unlike some of the other stars on this list, Michael Le became famous on TikTok rather than bringing a fandom over from another app. Le is the founder of the of the Shluv House (which is a play on “self-love.”) Like Loren Gray, his content is almost a family business. Rather than dancing with his mother though, Le often features his five-year-old brother in his videos. Le is a professional dancer with nine years of experience, who has described his style as urban hip-hop and new school. He may be best known for his “escalator dance prank” video, which had a record-breaking 550K shares. With the free time that Le has in quarantine, he is now adapting his content and spreading his brand onto YouTube as well.