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What is induction melting? Induction melting is the induction heating of a metal, typically within a crucible until the metal becomes molten using an induction furnace. Once the metal has fully melted, the liquid is then poured into an ingot mold or cast into a component at a foundry, or into smaller precise parts such as dental and jewelry castings. How does induction melting system work? An Induction melting furnace uses a copper induction heating coil that delivers an alternating magnetic current to the metal within the coil. This alternating magnetic current creates a resistance in the metal, causing it to heat and eventually to melt. Induction furnace technology does not require any flame or gasses that can be harmful to the environment to melt metals. Welcome visit us for more info about induction melting, induction melting system.

The induction heating is also used for tamper resistant cap sealing on bottles and pharmaceuticals. Induction heating is used for welding of metals and sometimes plastics when they are doped with ferromagnetic ceramics. Induction heating principle has been used in manufacturing processes since the 1920s. As it’s said that – necessity is the mother of invention, during world war-2, the need for a fast process to harden the parts of the metal engine, has developed induction heating technology rapidly. Today we see the application of this technology in our day to day requirements. Recently, the need for improved quality control and safe manufacturing techniques has brought this technology into the limelight once again. With today’s high-end technologies, new and reliable methods for implementation of induction heating are being introduced.

Now the principle of Joule heating is observed. According to this when a current is passed through a material heat is generated in the material. So, when current is generated in the material due to the induced magnetic field, the flowing current produces heat from within the material. This explains the process of non-contact inductive heating. The setup used for the induction heating process consists of an RF power supply to provide the alternating current to the circuit. A copper coil is used as inductor and current is applied to it. The material to be heated is placed inside the copper coil. Targeted heating for surface heating, melting, soldering is possible with the inductive heating process. Besides metals, heating of liquid conductors and gaseous conductors is possible by inductive heating. For heating of silicon in semiconductor industries, the inductive heating principle is used.

The National Electric Furnace Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a type test of the “KGPS-3000-0.3S / GW4 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Induction Furnace” of Shandong Kehua Intelegent equipment Co., Ltd., and the rated capacity, power, Temperature, rated frequency, power factor, melting rate, unit power consumption, surface temperature rise of heated components, noise, cooling water temperature, grounding resistance, etc. Discover additional details at