Get to know Arnold Ayton and some of his accounting research

Who is Arnold Ayton and some of his accounting achievements? The secret to?picking the best business name for you?is research.?Choosing a name sounds easy, but?it can be?tricky, considering the rules surrounding it. Your company name must be distinctive.?It cannot be the same?as another?company?or?similar enough?and?only?differentiated by punctuation?or commonly used words in the UK. Should a company feel that you have chosen a similar name to theirs and they?have?registered their business name before you, you?may be asked to?change yours?as a result of a filed complaint.?And it goes without saying, try to avoid any offensive, sensitive?words or?expressions! You?can check?existing trademarks, to help in your name choice.

Arnold Ayton is qualified as a Chartered Accountant under the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), although I currently hold a practicing license under the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA). Arnie was a delight to get started with, seeing as we had a very messy backlog of transactions and incorrect payroll when we were doing it in house. He and his team helped us straighten out our accounting basics last year, and this year he has helped us apply for significant VAT rebates and R&D tax credits. He has helped our team explore new financial opportunities and has connected us with advisors who have proven to be very helpful. He’s a very straight-talking and friendly individual who is easy to get along with, and is clearly committed to his business and clients.

Arnold Ayton bookkeeping advices for 2021: You can claim food and drink during your travel only. For example, you can claim the cost of a sandwich at a petrol station on the motorway or an evening meal at a hotel. But you cannot claim the costs involved preparing a meal at home and then taking it with you on the business trip. Can you only claim food for overnight trips? Food expenses are not exclusively allowable on overnight business trips. You can claim food and drink expenses if the employee is working away from their habitual place of work, even if they do not stay overnight. The location must be at least five hours from their usual place of work. But remember, food and drink are only an allowable expense during the course of the journey. You will not be allowed to return home and then claim a meal on the evening of that same day.

Most Spondoo accounting packages already include a certain amount of bookkeeping support. If you are an existing Spondoo customer, please talk to your Account Manager about increasing your bookkeeping capacity.? Whether you use Spondoo’s bookkeeping service, another accountant or have internal staff, our team will ensure your monthly and quarterly records are in good shape.? We can take over responsibility for periodic Balance Sheet reconciliations, leaving your existing bookkeepers to focus on the day-to-day processing transactions.? We can raise any issues during the year that may increase your year-end accounting costs.

Spondoo is made up of a team of Chartered and Certified Accountants and bookkeepers, supported by our in-house software developers. We have years of experience across the finance industry – including in payroll, financial services and pensions – as well as in-depth knowledge of all the software that you use every day to run your business. By registering above we will ask you some questions about your business and the services you need. These questions are designed to allow us to understand and estimate the time we will need to spend on your accounts, in addition any costs incurred on your behalf. Or to calculate a quick cost for your needs, follow the link to our instant quotation tool. We will not ask for your details.