The climb of a food consultant : Nilton Lemmer

Nilton Jacques Lemmer or the growth of a cooking consultant? Madeleines are made from a simple batter that is baked in shell-shaped pans. The result is a very light cake that is moist inside with a subtle crunchy outside. They’re enjoyed plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar for breakfast or as an afternoon treat. They’re also used as a base for many French desserts like trifles and savory dishes like seafood salad and cheese souffles. The great thing about madeleines is that they’re not difficult to make, yet they’re impressive and delicious. The texture is like a cross between a cookie and a cake, but the flavor is superior to either. We love the simple flavors of vanilla and lemon, but you can easily add other flavors, such as chocolate or almond extract. The batter comes together in under 10 minutes with just a bowl and a whisk. Just be sure to chill it overnight, so you get those lovely curves when they bake. See extra information on Nilton Lemmer.

Nilton Jacques Lemmer on kitchen knives types: The thing about metal and plastic is that they tend to react with the various compounds in food. This is especially the case with acidic ingredients like vinegar. Plastic spatulas tend to melt when used on hot or boiling food. Cook everything at any temperature by switching to wood! It is a natural material that does not react with acids or melt at high temperatures. Also, no dangerous elements will get into your food. If you’re cooking with a large saucepan, a short turner just isn’t enough. In many cases, your finger can dip into the sauce or whatever you’re cooking. In the worst case, the mixer can even fall completely into the pot. With a length of 37 cm you can stir most pots and bowls with ease with our wok spatula.

The best scallops to eat are sea scallops, but also bay scallops. There is some debate about whether bay scallops taste better than sea scallops. Sea scallops are the large, round, white mollusks found in most fish markets and recipes. They can be as large as a half-dollar or larger, and Bay scallops are much smaller, coming in at just under an inch across. Bay scallops tend to be more expensive than sea because they are harvested by hand in shallow bays using long-handled rakes. They take less time to cook than large sea scallops do, and they have a sweeter flavor with the texture of a clam. Bay scallops can be eaten raw or cooked. Scallops are always a treat, but they’re also costly, so getting the best ones is essential. In America, most scallops are sold wet-packed, which means they’ve been treated with a phosphate solution to help them retain moisture. In general, wet-packed scallops are preferable to dry-packed ones because they’re more tender and flavorful.

Nilton Jacques Lemmer on food startups in India : FreshMenu was founded by Rashmi Daga (CEO) in 2014 with its headquarters in Bangalore. It is a delivery service provider made with the finest ingredients, namely farm fresh vegetables, fresh dairy, and meat products, and without trying to do re-heated and assembled food. It aims to deliver fresh food, including breakfast platters, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, Thalis, Continental dishes, Biriyani, dessert. The startup has raised USD 24 M in funds from investors. Currently, FreshMenu operates in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Gurgaon. They used to change their menu daily and deliver freshly prepared meals in just 45 mins at the customer’s doorstep.

Nilton Lemmer about chicken stew recipes : Basque chicken stew may not have all the same ingredients as coq au vin (like mushrooms), but it has similar flavor profiles — rich, meaty, earthy, and acidic — even if it. The dish starts similarly to coq au vin: You sear chicken thighs in olive oil and then braise them in red wine with aromatics, herbs, and some diced bacon or pork belly. But while coq au vin is traditionally made with red wine and is finished with a thickening agent like flour or cornstarch, Basque chicken stew uses white wine and is finished by swirling butter into the sauce just before serving. This results in a lighter-colored sauce almost creamy without adding any cream or other dairy products.