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Voice recorder camera supplier today? A lot of people will protect loved ones or assets come in various forms. Hnsat’ve been helping people to meet every specific purpose, and for any situation. A mini spy camera recorder is capable of capturing video and audio without the subject’s knowledge. The mini spy camera recorders are very good at spying on people or your valuable properties without being seen. Disguised as ordinary things and combine into other much newer technologies, spy camera recorders have been making huge progress. Find even more info at voice recorder camera.

In addition, the product adopts a one-click recording mode, dialing forward for recording, backward dialing for saving, which is convenient and fast to operate. USB in-line, drive-free USB driver function. Usually can be used as a USB driver. Strong concealment, not easy to be found, black appearance, strong concealment. When recording the prompt light is red is not eye-catching. Its keys are hidden designed to avoid operating the keys during recording and causing recording interruptions.

In recent years, with the development of the times. The industrial design of electronic products is becoming more and more fashionable and multifunctional. The voice recorder is no exception. As an enterprise integrating the design, manufacture and sales of Voice Recorder. HNSAT does its part to become the leader in the industrial design of voice recorder items. Today, I would like to recommend a high-definition smart color screen retractable USB professional voice recorder – DVR-828 has been launched this month.

Children still need some products as learning aids in their studies. The HNSAT DVR-828 recorder is a learning preparation for children, in order to avoid missing knowledge points in the classroom. After class in the evening, you can directly connect the headset for playback. At the same time, there is also an external playback function, which can be used by multiple people to review knowledge points together. DVR-828 is very small. A U disk is almost the same, it is a professional digital recorder with portability. It is also very convenient to carry around. At the same time, the built-in 16g memory can record 1166 hours. The most important thing is that it is not heavy, and it also supports internal recording. The built-in 200mAh battery can support about 34 hours of recording, and the battery life is very good.

Shenzhen Hnsat Industrial Co., Ltd.(Hnsat Industrial H.K. Ltd) is a high-tech IT enterprise. Hnsat have been collecting the design, development and production of digital electronics on integrative since 1999. Professional is the main feature of our company. Hnsat are one of the earliest digital recorder manufacturers who developing and manufacturing digital voice recorders&mini spy camera in China. We have a good set of strict management of procedures and quality assurance systems. All our products have got the test reports from Shenzhen Electronics Testing Center and CE certificate as well as Korean MIC certificates. We provide for 3 months replacement and a 1-year free warranty for each product. We will provide a perfect after-sales service guarantee to every customer. Discover more information at hnsat.com.