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Top rated document translation company Los Angeles by SpectrumTranslations? With previous work for school districts and translation for Special Education Units, we are well-versed in the specialized language needs in the education sector.We can help with everything from simultaneous interpretation at complex resolution meetings with attorneys, parents and staff members, to board and community meetings.We can also perform document translation for Individualized Education Programs and review complex translated material – we have even trained other translators and interpreters on terminology, protocol and policies. Discover extra info at document translation services Ventura, CA. Spectrum Translations provides on-demand multilingual interpreting services, including over-the-phone (OPI), and video remote interpreting (VRI).

Our approachable attitude, professionalism and linguistic abilities have seen us work closely with attorneys, parents and staff members, as well as children’s services agencies. And our education-specific knowledge ensures an accurate service, with all the necessary terminology in each language. We have also worked extensively on the translation of related IEP documents to provide non-English speaking parents, legal guardians, and caretakers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their child’s education.

Consecutive interpreting is a mode of professional interpretation services where someone is speaking, and meanwhile, an interpreter takes notes. The interpreter then must reproduce what the speaker said in the source language, converting it to the target language for the audience. During consecutive interpretation, there are pauses between sentences when the different parties are speaking. Another of the most commonly requested professional interpretation services, simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter converts the spoken or signed message from the source language into the target language in real-time. This interpretation mode allows the source-language speaker to talk uninterrupted and makes for a faster and smoother listening experience for the audience.

The name Spectrum comes from my passion for helping people communicate clearly across a wide range of industries, including the parents of children on the autism spectrum. Autism can cause persistent challenges in speech and nonverbal communication, among other conditions. Spectrum also refers to the broad range of industries, cultures, and languages that Spectrum Translations can handle. We are all part of the human spectrum, and when we can understand each other linguistically, our differences become indistinguishable. By choosing Spectrum for your translations, you’re choosing empathy, knowledge, expertise, and accuracy. Discover extra information at

Translating legal documents is a serious challenge, one of the biggest challenges that translators have. But when you use a skilled legal translation service, you can be confident that the translators will translate your legal documents as accurately as possible. Good legal translators do not just convey the overall meaning in a legal document. They work tirelessly to keep every phrase precise and just like the original text.